Closing the Roads to Hatred- Training Course

Summary of the project

Perriod: 06-14 november 2019, Where: Georgia-Bakuriani

Hosting by : Association of Small Business and Civil Development (ASBCD), Partner: Asociatia JUNII, Romania

We live in modern times where we, world citizens are continuously affected by the social norms that exist all around us. Social norm perceptions in most cases make it difficult for us to speak out against hate speech believing that most people in our personal groups consisting our friends, co-workers and other members of our society approve of such speech, sometimes it just doesn’t affect us directly and we keep ourselves in a passive position.


To raise awareness and develop competencies to combat hate, discrimination, and calls for violence offering the space to young people to discuss the role of youth work in transmitting lessons learned in the targeted area, linking those with what it means to live in diversity and respect for human rights.

Participants profile:

In this project there will be involved 5 participants from each country (Except Germany – 6 Participants, Georgia – 6 participants)

Participant has to be active youth worker on local level but not experienced in Erasmus + or in other international projects – project is for new comers in programme.

AGE Limits:

Lower age limit: 22 Years Old

Upper age limit: there is no limit

Each country group must strictly keep a gender balance for participants.

A participant can be a person, if and only if she/he:

-is strongly interested in hate speech topic and wants to work in multicultural environment; -are ready to be actively and fully involved during the whole project

-who can communicate in English well.

– is ready to fulfill a given TASK FOR A PARTICIPANT (If any )

– is ready afterward of the project to share gained experience among youngsters in his/her community;

Open HERE the application

The project are covered by the Erasmus+ Programe.

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