Youth in Educ[A(c)tion]

We happy to announce that in October we will start an Youth Exchange in Estonia, with our partner Association Jõhvi Noortekeskus.

AVP: 27-28 sept 2019, Youth Exchange: : 18-27 October 2019.

Summary of the project
This project will bring 37 young people from 6 different countries to reveal
EU higher education opportunities.
Learning is a natural and necessary process of life. Everyone pass through
the moment when he has to decide what he wants to do in the future. Especially after High school graduation. The European Union has a great opportunity to study in a different European countries, but there is no information about studying or young people are losing in information �ow.
The project gives young people an opportunity to explore learning higher
education opportunities in different countries. Each country presents during the youth exchange a comprehensive overview of homeland’s learning opportunities for foreign students. Knowledge gained during the project participants will share their learning opportunities with other young people in their home country. In the end of the Youth Exchanges, we also want to prepare an information book that every country can bring with them and share with young people in homeland.
The project involves different workshops, discussion groups and teamwork
with young people develop communication skills, critical thinking and creativity.
Project’s goal
Raise the younger generation’s awareness of possibilities of studying abroad and get to know better different cultures.
Objectives of the project

  1. Developing intercultural and social dialogue.
  2. Developing international cooperation between young people from different cultural backgrounds.
  3. Young people learn to analyze the situation (by putting themselves to
    shoes of others).
  4. Young people will receive information that will expand their opportunities in the future.
  5. Increasing tolerance and understanding among young people.
  6. Information sharing, transferring, etc.

Participants profile
We are seeking motivated young people willing to share the volunteering spirit. We are searching for 5 young participants ages 18-25 (4 participants + 1 group leader). It is important to maintain gender balance in the group. Young people who are interested in studying abroad are also involved per page.
The project also involves young people with fewer geographically opportunities.
Less opportunities stem from the fact that they are away from big cities, live on farms and number of opportunities opportunities for young people is therefore limited. English is a working language during the project. It’s important to have at least a basic knowledge of English. Positive energy, desire to discover something new and good mood.

Application are OPEN

The project are covered by the Erasmus+ Programe.

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